should be as engaging as watching a TikTok.
Monetize your knowledge at scale
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Built by product leaders from
Backed by
Built by product leaders from
Launch lucrative knowledge products built for the 21st century
Bite sized learning
Expand your horizons with entertaining videos that teach you new skills in ten minutes or less. Learn anytime, anywhere!
Normal courses have completion rates of under 10%. Pair brings industry leading gamification tools like streaks, leaderboards, and badges and makes them accessible to all creators and educators. 
AI assisted coaching
Our AI tools help creators and educators provide one to one learning support to all students at scale.
Introducing pair:
built by creators, for creators
Your audience wants to learn from you. We make launching and monetizing mobile courses seamless. We provide you a white labeled website, streamlined checkout, and world-class mobile learning experience.

Unlike with other course platforms, ours is tailored made for insight dense, short form video content. Our typical course is ~90 minutes of video content broken up into 20 videos. This means you can create your course in a couple of weeks instead of over several months and start monetizing sooner.

We also give you the blue-print for creating successful knowledge products as creators of 7 figure profit generating courses ourselves. Best of all, we only make money when you make money. No upfront or recurring monthly fees!